Rise and Fall of Rain

Rain is one of my favorite themes for poems.  Consequently, a small portion of my poetry collection is dedicated to rain and its different aspects that I’ve noticed and enjoy.  Perhaps inspired by my recent nighttime driving in the rain, I decided to dig these up and share one of them today.  This particular poem focuses on the onomatopoeic quality of rain.

“Rise and Fall of Rain”

Tap, tap, tap at the back door.

Slap, slap, slap it goes again.

Rap, rap, rap a growing din.

Crack, crack, crack—open the door.

Whoosh, crash, bang there is a roar.

Of rushing rainy torrents pounding,

Lightning cracks, and thunder sounding,

Then the rush recedes to dribble,

Pitter, patter, then to trickle.



The patter of infantry fire;

The crack and rumble of cannon,

And the frequent flash of their flame;

The saturating smoke of rain

And its heavy, fresh, cleansing scent;

Trees fall, bend, break, burn – under assault;

Then the storm stops; the rain recedes;

The vapor vanishes; the sun

Shines:  the storm is over.