We came from all over–America, Sri Lanka, China, India, and more. Big schools, little schools, public schools, private schools, home schools. Some came loaded down with scholarships while other found a job and a loan to get them through. Some came with good study habits developed from a rigorous high school, while others arrived with an academic nonchalance.

Some washed out after a year or two. Others moved back home, found a job and started working full-time. Some buckled down and struggled through, overcoming their natural limitations through discipline and hard work, while others coasted through school without changing dramatically. Some are headed for greatness–a high-paying job, a happy marriage, fame, anything the world can give, while others are headed for trials–a series of dead-end jobs and forsaken dreams before one day, maybe, they’ll find what they’re seeking.

All these lines of people’s lives, running in different directions. But for a brief moment, the lines intersected, and we had this shared experience that we called college, an experience that brought us together. And at that locus, for a split-second, we were the same.

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