Colony House

A Little Backstory

A friend recently introduced me to an excellent video interview between Eugene Peterson and Bono discussing the Psalms and how modern music should draw more from them (see interview here). During the interview, Bono made a broad statement questioning the authenticity/honesty of the majority of Christian music, and while I would agree that a lot of mainstream ‘Christian’ music is pretty anemic, an article on the interview by Andrew Peterson (here) offered an alternative perspective that I have found provocative and helpful. All that to say, Peterson’s article also provided a list of what he called excellent Christian music, and so I decided to track down some of the bands that he mentioned beginning with one called ‘Colony House’.

Colony House

Based out of Nashville, TN, Colony House has been making music since 2009. Made up of a quartet of musicians, including two brothers, they sport a clean indie-rock sound. As of now, only two full length albums exist (one that just came out this year), and so I have only listened to When I Was Younger which was released in 2014.

The band has a bright sound that was surprisingly appealing to me -especially since I tend to prefer heavier and darker music. However, despite their brighter instrumental sound, the lyrics address a wide variety of struggles: loss, love, the future, growing up; thus providing depth and making the songs eminently relatable. In fact, the lyrical/music combination packs a punch similar to the rawness of a lot of modern hiphop/rap artists while providing what is arguably a more musical experience. Part of what makes their music so appealing to me is that they can sing about very real struggles, but do so in the context of redemption and the hope that we as Christians have in our Savior.

While Colony House is only the first band on Peterson’s list that I have explored to this point, I have to say that they are excellent and worth a listen. With their bright and approachable sound, lyrical depth, and redemptive outlook, they offer a beautiful, authentic, and relatable album that can be enjoyed for both its musicality and content. Now on to the next artist on Peterson’s list.