Over the past several months podcasts have been working their way into my weekly schedule. Whether for the car rides on weekends to visit family and friends, or as a way to fruitfully engage my mind after a long day at work while eating dinner,  I have found them to present intriguing and challenging ideas. Some of them deal with more socio-economic issues (EconTalk), while others are religious in nature (Reformed Pubcast). However, the one I want to talk a little bit about today is one that I have found myself listening to more and more lately: Doctrine and Devotion. The show is hosted by Joe Thorn and Jim Fowler, a Pastor and Elder candidate from Redeemer Fellowship in IL. Each week they release a couple episodes discussing various things such as corporate worship, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, the doctrine of election, and more. Each episode is largely structured around an informal discussion between the two hosts on the topic at hand. Also, each episode ends with book recommendations for further reading and study on that week’s subject. If you have been looking for a reformed discussion of different topics, or are just interested in exploring a new podcast, “Doctrine and Devotion” is a great place to start.


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