For those who want something to listen to on the way to work or have some extra time, podcasts may be the answer. Here are a couple podcasts I enjoy listening to:

  1. The Phil Vischer Podcast – a show featuring Phil Vischer (the creator of Veggie Tales), Pastor Skye Jethani, and voice actress Christian Taylor as they discuss a variety of topics, usually related to current events or culture. A fun, thought-provoking show that always concludes with a ukulele song improvised by Phil Vischer in which he summarizes the podcast’s discussion. Released every Tuesday.
  2. Serial – a podcast published in seasons, I have only been listening to Season 2, which documents the story of Bowe Bergdahl–the U.S. soldier who left his post at a camp in eastern Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban. A well-researched story about a controversial figure, this podcast features interviews with people who knew Bowe, shedding light on the events that led to his capture, as well as the political machinations that eventually led to his release.

Beyond these two, there are podcasts out there for all sorts of interests, from minute-by-minute breakdowns of the Star Wars films to lengthy, engaging podcasts about history. I use PlayerFM to manage subscriptions on my phone and receive notifications when new podcasts are released.

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