Ms. Hadrian  11/12/2031

My students had but moments ago returned from lunch.  I was stationed just outside the door to my classroom, greeting students, and thus I did not see what sparked the incident.  I was first made aware of an anomaly in my classroom due to a piercing shriek emanating from my room, followed by a cry of “Auuuggghhh!  Get that thing away from me!”  I believe I caught a fleeting glimpse from the corner of my eye of a burst of orange glow.  However, I was swiftly distracted by a profusion of shrill screeches, as a mass of my students stampeded out of my classroom and into the hallway.  I managed to make my way through the swarm of students and into my classroom, where I discovered Isaac Muldroon running about the room in a frantic panic, with the cowl of his hoodie alight.  I immediately caught Isaac and assisted him in the removal of his garment, which I cast upon the ground.   I then stamped out the flames.  Isaac was, I believe, rendered speechless; at any rate, he burst into incoherent sobs, and I did not get anything else out of him for the remainder of our time together.  While I was assessing the damage done to Isaac, I noticed for the first time Adrian Jackson, lurking in the corner.  Assuming Adrian to be responsible for Isaac’s state, I began to confront Adrian, but before I could go anything else out besides an emphatic “What…,” I was distracted by a very loud hiss, originating from underneath the group of desks situated closest to the window.  I moved closer to inspect, whereupon I must confess a very peculiar sight met my disbelieving eyes.  At first, I might have characterized the creature lurking there as a rather large dark green lizard, with an unusual amount of skin hanging from its front appendages.  However, upon closer investigation and subsequent encounters with the creature, I must now describe it as like in all appearance to a very miniscule, emerald-toned dragon.  Upon this realization, I instructed Adrian and Isaac in very forceful tones to come out of my classroom and into the hallway.  Isaac immediately did so, however, Adrian appeared reluctant, and even went so far as to make a movement towards the lizard creature.  Fearing for his safety, I must admit that I laid a hand on Adrian and fairly dragged him out of my classroom.  I then ordered the rest of my students to remain in the hallway, while I took Adrian down the hall to the 6th grade office, and accompanied Isaac to the nurse.  In my consternation, I neglected to shut my classroom door, and when I returned, I discovered that Briana Mendez and Joseph Garcia had entered my classroom, and were squatting very close to the creature, poking it with a makeshift stick constructed of crayola markers snapped one on top of the other.  The creature was producing a very sharp string of hissing and popping noises.  Not deterred, Joseph began inching closer to the creature, at which time it opened wide its jaws and emitted a small stream of flame.  Joseph’s shoe laces caught fire, but the student very quickly divested himself of that article of clothing, and I again put the flames out.  I then ordered Briana and Joseph to leave my classroom at once and to remain out in the hall.  I decided it was best to leave the beast to its own devices, and thus I exited my classroom as well, this time remembering to shut and lock my door.  At this time, though I believed him unhurt, I sent Joseph to the nurse.  Mrs. Beaten then exited her classroom.  I requested she attend to my students still in the hallway, and then set off for the 6th grade office once again, to meet with Mr. Faral, the 6th grade assistant principal.

Briana Mendez 11/12/2031

I don’t really know how it started because I wasn’t paying attention, but I looked around after Isaac screamed and I saw Adrian with this lizard thing in Isaac’s face and the next thing I know there’s flame everywhere.  I was kinda weirded out, but I stayed while everyone else ran out, but then Isaac started running around with his hood on fire and I was scared he was going to run into me.  So I left.  The teacher went in after I left, and then she came back out with Isaac who was crying really hard and Adrian who was just kind of weird looking.  She left the door open so Joseph and I looked inside.  The lizard thing was underneath the desks so we decided to go look at it.  It kept hissing a lot, so we decided to see if we could touch it, so we got some markers and stuck it together and started poking it.  It didn’t like that I don’t think, because it set Joseph’s shoe laces on fire.  He was real smart and took the shoe off and the teacher put the fire out.  Then she yelled at us and we went and waited in the hall.  Joseph went to the nurse and Mrs. Beaten came and got us and brought us to her classroom.

Joseph Garcia 11/12/2031

So I didn’t see anything at first I just heard Isaac scream and saw everyone leave so I was like I guess i should leave to and see what everyone was scared of.  So i did and out there after Ms. Hadrian left Briana was like “we should go touch it” and I was like “whats it” and she was like “you didn’t see come on”.  So we went inside and there was this weird lizard thing sittin under the desk so i was like “can we poke it” and Briana was like yeah so we did and it made my shoe go on fire but I took it of real fast and I was fine but Ms. Hadrian sent me to the nurse anyway.

Amelia Peterson 11/12/2031

Adrian and Isaac were yelling at each other and then Adrian took out this weird lizard thing and stuck it in Isaac’s face.  Then there was flame and everyone screamed.  I ran out of the classroom with everyone else.

LeBron Robinson 11/12/2031

I did not see what started it, but I did see Adrian stick the lizard thing in Isaac’s face, and I also saw the fire and saw Isaac’s hoodie catch fire.  Then everyone else left and honestly I left too because I was not going to deal with that.  Ms. Hadrian took Isaac to the nurse, I think, and Adrian got hauled to the office.

Clarence Hughes 11/12/2031

Adrian and Isaac got in a fight and Adrian stuck and lizerd in Isaac’s face and Isaac’s hood got on fire somehow.  Then I left because everyone else did.

Liz Lopez 11/12/2031

I saw Adrian stick this gross lizard thing in Isaac’s face, then to be honest I screamed and just left because no.

Juan Granados

Adrian was going to fight Isaac for some reason, so he stuck the lighter in Isaac’s face and then everyone ran.  I left to.

Destinee Charles 11/12/2031

So Marcus had been saying that Adrian was gonna fit Isaac and Carl was sayin that Isaac was gonna fight Marcus so they both thought the other one was gonna fight the other one.  so when they got the Ms. Hadrian’s classroom after lunch they was both like “Ima gonna fite you” so Isaac started it so Adrian took out this weird lizard thing that we thought was a lizard but it shooted flame so i guess it was a dragon and then I got out of the classroom because mama said if theres fire to leave the area.  P.S. Adrian won the fit because he had a dragon.

Alex Martin 11/12/2031

Adrian and Isaac were yelling at each other when Adrian took things to the next level real quick and shot him with flame from this weird lizard thing which I think was unnecesary but whatever people be crazy here.

Jamie Gray 11/12/2031

I heard Destinee say there was a dragon so I was like what this isn’t Game of Thrones in here but then I turned around and looked and saw it run under the desk and I was like nope and i went and sat out in the hallway while the teacher dealed with it.

Alexandria Rodriguez 11/12/2031

Both them boys wuz actin the fool that’s it honestly so I just read my book its a really good book about this girl whos a detective and solves crimes and stuff but then I saw Ms. Hadrian come in and she looked real serious so I figured i could go read outside so I went down the hallway to the window and sat and red.  and then i got in trouble from Mrs. Beaten for leaving the class which made me mad. I think everyones always on us about reading but the reason i dont is because everyone be actin the fool everytime i try and i cant and then i go somewhere where its quite and then i get in troble from a teacher. its dumb i quit.

Darrel Jones 11/12/2031

Adrian and Isaac were both going to fight each other, but Isaac started it, and then Adrian made it get real bad, because he broke out the flame thrower, and I then left because he was mad at me to and i didn’t want to get throwed to.

Kristian Martinez

I was sitting in Ms. Hadrian’s class, waiting for English to start, and I had gotten my journal and was starting on the bell ringer, when I noticed Adrian and Isaac both in a, how do I put this, a “Come at me, bro” stance, if you know what I mean.  Then Adrian took out a small animal that looked like a lizard with wings, and I am not a coward, but I left then, because I decided I did not want to be a part of whatever was about to go down.  I waited in the hallway until Ms. Hadrian sent us to Mrs. Beaten’s room

Edward Edwards

So Adrian took out this sick lizard thing and shot flame in Isaac’s face and I was like yeah boy but then he started running around on fire and then Ms. H came in all mad so I left.

Sophia Barton 11/12/2031

idk i didnt c anything i just herd screaming and Liz run so i ran to

Isaac Muldroon 11/12/2031

At the lunch table Marcus said Adrian was gonna fite me so I was like no way that boy is gonna fight me ima fit him first.  So on the way back from lunch I got up close behind him and said boy ima gonna fight you.  He just kind of looked at me werd so in the classroom I was like you wanna fight i bet you couldn’t even fight me.  I called him a wimp and some other stuff I think and then he got real mad.  He opened his backpack and took out this lizard thing and made it go in my face.  I asked him to get it out of my face but he didn’t.  He made it shoot fire at me.  My hood caught fire so I freaked out a lot and tried to put it out and ran around the classroom and that’s when Ms. Hadrian caught me.  She made me take my hoodie of and put the fire out by stamping on it and then took me to the nurse and thats all I know.

Adrian Jackson 11/12/2031

Carl said that Isaac had been saying he was going to fight me all during lunch because I don’t know why and so when we got back in the classroom he said I bet you couldn’t even fight me boy and then he called me a wimp and other stuff so i said yes I can and took out my dragon from my backpack just to kinda scar him and he screamed and i thought it was funny so i pulled its tale to make it shoot flame at Isaac and so I shot flame at Isaac and his hoodie caught fire and I’m kinda sorry now but not really he got what was coming to him so there.  My uncle gave me the dragon but he said it was a practice copy and not to take it to school but I did so sorry for that.


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  1. I thought this was a true story based on some recent student teaching experience…till I noted the date…

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