My dear readers,

For the next twelve-month, a friend will be joining our company as a guest author, and I would like to briefly introduce her.

Her name is –––––––, or Caroline Bennett as she prefers to be known.  Like the rest of us, Caroline enjoys writing, and in addition to being accomplished at the needle, the piano forte, and the harp, she delights in singing very much.  When out-of-doors, long strolls in the woods and local neighborhood with friends and games of shuttlecock are Caroline’s chief enjoyments.  Caroline also reads extensively for pleasure and for the improvement of her mind.

Music is of all subjects her delight, and Caroline plays the harp – I concede that I speak as a biased party – with a natural taste and grace.  As great authorities* on the subject well know, to be a proficient at music, one must apply oneself to one’s instrument and practice a great deal.  Caroline, however, needs little encouragement or advice on this point, for she practices very constantly.

Caroline’s delight in music and skills with the pen have led her to write about many musical subjects, works, and composers, and she has kindly agreed to share some of these with us.

I hope you will enjoy Caroline’s writings as much as I do.

Yours, &c.



*Lady Catherine de Bourgh in Vol. II, Chapter VIII of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

3 thoughts on “A Letter of Introduction

  1. Welcome. I am always interested in reading other bloggers ideas on classical music. Looking forward to the upcoming posts. 🎶❤️

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