I found a hole in my world today,

Gaping like a dropped stitch that I just now saw.

Something had twisted the fibers away

With disregard for any law.


So I paused my knot-making, to look back over and see

This net of neat plans I’d so carefully crafted,

And I saw throughout the yarn, now mocking me,

The many lists I’d painstakingly drafted.


What the puncturing source was, I knew quite well.

I knew what had picked through the weave.

And though I regretted, I choose not to dwell

On what’s been done and not done and said.


For a far more pressing concern I now found,

As I looked at this hole in my world.

For the life I had meant to be wrapped around

Seemed now just a flag to be furled.


But surely the hurt is not so great; I can patch it together

With just an out-of-place stitch here and there.

Perhaps it will last, through all the stormy weather,

An ugly spot masked with just a bit of care.


Then I think of the time it took to make this,

Compared to the time still before me,

And I think this a chance that I choose not miss,

A chance to change the pattern and to use a new key.


So I unravel the stitches and swallow my pride,

And craft a new world from the old piece.

Now a ball of fate’s yarn sits here by my side,

For opportunity has yet to cease.

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