Allowances for Evil

Going through my first year of teaching public high school, I am constantly amazed at myself and others that end up allowing evil to occur.

Teachers aren’t infallible. Teachers aren’t all seeing, hearing, etc. We let a lot of stuff go, either by choice or policy.

And letting too much go is where our problem starts.

I haven’t written up too many students this year in terms of getting them in serious trouble. The most egregious offenses this year were the threats made against my life and my wife’s body. The response was to send the students responsible home for 3 days’ suspension because the threats were not direct enough. That’s the administration’s decision, and I understand it and appreciate them handling the situation.

However, if you are 16 years old, I don’t care what situation you come from — you know better than to threaten murder and rape towards another human being, no matter how veiled the threats are. Those are serious statements, those who make them should be punished for them.

So why the kid gloves?

The more allowances we make as a society — the more we desire to be liked rather than desiring justice; self-gratification more than righteousness — the further we slide along towards Gomorrah. Certainly, we’ll shake our heads and bemoan the state of things, but by doing nothing we allow evil to flourish. For what reason? So that we have something to complain about? So that we won’t have to put up with the lawyers or the latest “poor pitiful me, everything is society’s fault” group? Since when has politeness become the supreme virtue over good? When did we decide to cash in our chips of truth and righteousness for a form of civility that undermines the basis for it?

This is not only true in terms of discipline, but also in Pro-Life organizations. (Here’s where I’m likely to lose most of you.) Don’t get me wrong, I am opposed to abortion in any case. However, Pro-Life efforts are predominantly about regulating abortion, not getting rid of it. Even within the pro-life society, many believe in allowing exceptions for when sacrificing an unborn child’s life is “acceptable.” Besides, without legalized abortion, there’s one less issue to raise money over and vote for. Make no mistake, even if (God willing, when) abortion is illegal in the United States, abortions will still occur. The problem is we keep believing that the answers to our problems are political in nature.

The malady we suffer from — every human and every nation, not just the United States — always has been sin. Without a change of heart, the evils of child-sacrificing abortion will continue. Without a change of heart, people will continue to choose actions that require punishment rather than reap just rewards. (John 3: 19 — 21)

And yet God chooses to save people, as unlovely as they are. (Romans 9) We are called to have a mind that follows after God’s — to love what He loves and hate what He hates. (Romans 12:2) God is not willing to make peace with evil. He sent His only Son Jesus to die on the cross to pay the penalty for sin for those He chose. The question for us remains then: what sort of allowances are we prepared to make for evil?

Dear readers, thank you for indulging me with your time and views. Unfortunately, I am at a place in my life where continuing to write on a consistent basis is not possible any longer. I bid you a fond farewell, and leave with just enough of a caveat to say I may be providing “guest posts” in the future, should the editor allow such.

Thank you, and adieu.