It’s the question of all questions

To a bibliomaniac,

Once the creaking bookshelves have become unduly fat:

How to arrange the books?

Should you order them by alphabet,

So orderly from A to Z?

But now biography mixed and jumbled in with fantasy,

How should I arrange the books?

So should you group them by genre,

Quite nicely with their kind?

But what of the authors with multiple minds?

How now to arrange the books?

Perhaps I should imitate a real library;

Use Dewey Decimal system.

But I think it complicated now, as I did then.

So how should I arrange the books?

Wouldn’t it be cute, I think,

To order them by color?

But one member of a series is not always like another.

How should I arrange all these books?

But really, it’s a simple answer.

I shouldn’t be surprised at it.

At this point, it’s all about how on earth they all will fit.

That’s how I’ll arrange the books.

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