As a source of faith based lyrics, the Psalms have been a largely silent and untapped source by modern music -usually only sung during Sunday services, and even then many churches do not have Psalters or any form of the Psalms in their hymnbooks. However, Psalm’s set to modern music do exist and provide a refreshing way to hear God’s word spoken.

SonsOfKorah_700x467Named after the Levitical sons of Korah, the band “Sons of Korah” seeks to take the Psalms and set them to a variety of contemporary acoustic styles. The Psalm-based lyrics are the main highlight of the group. Every genre of the Psalms is covered -even imprecatory. I have found listening to the Psalms, even more so than reading, refreshing. The frank honesty of the Psalms -the hope, praise, pain, sorrow, and deliverance have not been lost in the Sons of Korah’s rendition, and they are both uplifting and hope-filling: a reminder of the greatness of our God while still acknowledging our own failings and the pain experienced so often in this life.

While the lyrics are great, the accompanying instrumentation is also good -albeit sometimes a little repetitive. However, the variety of accoustic sounds that the group uses complement the lyrical content well and provide an appropriate frame for the words. Some of the variety of instruments used by the band include guitar, steel guitar, electric bass, keyboard, drums, and upright bass.

While the Psalms are not incredibly prevalent in modern Christian music, Sons of Korah provides an outlet for those looking for the heart of the Bible set to contemporary music. Providing good vocals, a unique (though sometimes repetitive) acoustic sound, and solid renditions of the Psalms, Sons of Korah fills in a much needed gap in contemporary music.


Although they are mainly known for their work with the Psalms, the following song is also very good:


The band’s website can be found here.


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