In English, I’m a fairly good writer.

Or, colloquially, “I write good.”

But if you assign me an essay in Spanish,

My skills do not shine brighter.


What can I say, that can be written

In the words of a five year old?

“Mi madre es bonita. Mi madre es loca.”

But, “My mother adopted a kitten?”


Maybe I can fudge the facts:

“Mi madre tiene gatos pequeños.”

It’s technically true, thought not quite the same,

But I know the word for “cats.”


Also, the transitions! It’s a stylistic sin.

Of this, I am well aware.

Mother, forgive me, I know you would weep,

But I only know “también.”


From my logic professor, I ask forgiveness.

I know my argument isn’t sound.

“Me gusta” this, “no me gusta” that;

I’ll have proof when I actually mean business.


To my English professor: I am deeply sorry

That I don’t elaborate on my thoughts.

“La película es buena,” is all I say.

Explaining why is just too much worry.


To my history professor, I have apologized

For my unclear use of tenses.

In my essays, the past and present are one.

My timeline is worth being criticized.


My essays in Spanish are a clichéd love scene:

“If only I had the words to say…”

But I have two more courses in Spanish to take,

Maybe one day I can say all I mean.


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