A student challenged me that I couldn’t write a song about Ebola. This was my response. It may also be found on YouTube. Enjoy.

All over the news and with thousands of views

Comes word of disease from the DRC!

It’s scary and silent, incredibly violent,

And it spreads so easily.

This virus, you see, goes through blood and pee,

Or travels in air since ’round ’76.

In your flesh it stays up to twenty one days

Until you’re in pain and morbidly sick.

You’ll stay in bed with a burning fever of 103.

Your aching head will spin like it wants to get free.

In Dallas one died. The CDC sighed.

Now there’s a public outcry!

It’s media sensation all over the nation.

But on the other hand there are those who understand:

That soon you will be goo and be gone without a trace!

A hemorrhagic fever will melt your bones, muscles and face.

There’ll be bleeding from ears and eyes all over the place.

To restore order, try closing the border

Like Reagan or Clinton or Bush.

Don’t be apathetic and non-energetic

Just sitting around on your tush.

Ebola and our health are linked.

If unstopped, let me be succinct:

We may soon be going extinct!

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