I’d like to share a few axioms I found whilst student teaching. Enjoy.

1) If you believe that people are basically good, you should try teaching a high school class.

2) Words of wisdom are rarely given to those who appreciate them.

3) Never invest your professional happiness on universal success of your students.

4) Your students are always twice as dumb as you think they are, until they prove otherwise.

5) Your students are not so dumb as to not look for your buttons and push them daily.

6) Your students will get away with as much as you let them. If your classroom is out of control, it’s your fault.

7) The teacher’s lounge is a hotbed of dissent, gossip, and drama. Avoid it.

8) Think very carefully before speaking. What you say has an odd ability to be twisted.

9) Teach for the ones who want to learn. Let success or failure be owned by the student who earned it.

10) There is nothing better than seeing a student’s face light up with understanding. Savor those moments.


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