Column of Macedon: I, along with all the readers of Column, am so glad you could spare some time to answer a few questions.


Alexander Philipson: Thank you.


CM: What was your childhood like?


A: Overall, it was great.  I loved hunting, had an excellent teacher, and owned the best horse that ever lived at age 12.


CM: About Bucephalus, do you plan to continue riding him at the beginning of each battle?


A: Of course!


CM: Can you describe your parents?  How did they influence you?


A: My father was inspirational.  He was tough and challenged me, but I think it was his way of preparing me to fulfill his dream of a Macedonian empire.  My mother was very attached to me and supportive.  Sometimes her snakes escaped, and I would find them in my bed!


CM: From your experience, how would you advise parents to raise children?


A: With discipline, affection, and high goals.  Encourage ambition and help your children to accomplish their dreams, even when it means being tough on them.


CM: Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom.  May the gods grant you victory.


A: Thank you.  It was a pleasure.

Alexander Taming Bucephalus

I wrote this fictional interview between a Macedonian newspaper and Alexander the Great for school, weaving in some of the facts of his life that I learned about in Alexander the Great by John Gunther.  This biography is well-written, informative, and fun to read.


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