Chances are you may not have heard of either Josh Garrels or Shai Linne, but both of these artists (along with Lecrae, see previous post), have become some of my recent favorites. If you are looking for some good music to listen to over the next few months of summer, whether it be during some down time, or just as some background music, then give them a shot. Following is a brief synopsis of the two musicians:

Josh Garrels

Josh Garrel’s style of music could probably be best described as folk. With accoustic guitar, a haunting voice, and a variety of accompanying singers and instruments, his music has a soothing but also emotionally charged quality that makes it ideal for casual listening. However, the lyrics of Garrel’s songs are not shallow, and offer the more attentive listener a wealth of poetic lyricism. Although his albums have strong Christian themes and tones, the lyrics of Garrel’s songs are nothing like the mainstream Christian scene. He typically chooses more symbolic and poetic ways to communicate Christian ideas without ever stating them explicitly. In fact, Jesus’ name is only mentioned once in the entire album. With a soothing sound, emotive vocals, and poetic lyrics, Josh Garrels is an enjoyable listen and offers lyrical depth and creativity -none of which cannot be said of much modern music.

Shai Linne

Shai Linne is a reformed Christian singer. With such albums as “Lyrical Theology Pt 1” and “The Attributes of God”, his views on life are no secret. Shai Linne is a rap artist, and as such the lyrics play the prominent role in all of his albums. Unlike Garrels mentioned previously, Shai Linne is not good for casual listening, but only for listeners who are willing to pay close attention to the words of the song. The main album I have listened to of Shai Linne’s is “The Attributes of God”, but I have also listened through “Lyrical Theology Pt 1” at least one time. Unlike Garrels who subtly weave themes into his music by being symbolic in his wording, Shai is much more direct. However, this is not a bad thing because Shai’s music largely deals with explaining Biblical theology to Christians. Many of his songs communicate Biblical truth in a powerful way, and he does an excellent job of expounding upon the Bible, God, grace, and man’s condition. Having someone from the reformed camp writing Biblical concepts has helped me to better appreciate Biblical truth and see things in new ways. While not for someone looking for some casual listening, Shai offers engaging vocals, deep lyrics, and the chance to learn some theology.

Whether you’re looking for the poetic lyricism and soaring vocals of Josh Garrels, or the dense poetic theology of Shai Linne, both offer a listening experience unique to themselves, praising and serving God with the gifts he has given them. Have a blessed week!


Note: All images were taken from the artists websites:

Josh Garrels:

Shai Linne:

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