statgraphA break from all things esoteric or literary, today is about serious business–statistics, demographics, and highlights from the past year.

This blog began on April 13th of this year, and since then the post count has climbed to 49–not a shabby number given that we originally intended to only post once a week. This blog has seen all kinds of posts, ranging from poems to short stories to essays. Initially staffed by a group of five writers on a 5-week rotation, TMW grew in August with the addition of contributing writer myladygrey.


Most of our visitors hail from the United States, while the United Kingdom and Canada account for the other two majorities. In all, TMW has had over 2700 visits since its inception in April. What’s more, TMW has 30 followers–subscribers who receive automated updates every time we publish a new post. Brave souls… 🙂

The “Most” List

Most Viewed Post: Silence – A Fable

Most Commented Post: Here’s a Speed Bump for Your Summer

Most views on a single day: June 4, 2013. Bringing Back Shakespeare

Most active day: December 20, 2013. Books for Christmas, Mary Poppins vs. Nurse Matilda

Most trafficked month: July 2013. The Dark Side of Gaming, Ah! Summer and others

See you in the new year!

Jack M.

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