“Pearl Water of Oahu” is a poem I wrote in remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor and those who lost their lives.

Pearl Water of The Gathering Place,

Wai Momi on Oahu.

Peace and quiet shrouded the harboring place,

The town was all at rest.

One quiet moment in morning,

Was the last with which some were blest.


A mist of safe contentedness

Hung o’er Wai Momi.

One last thread of false security,

One last second of silence

Before the peace was broken,

The veiling mist torn in two.


Wai Momi was still for a moment,

And naught was heard but the waves

As the sea heaved one sighing breath

And beat sadly at the quays,

As the silence was shattered,

As dark bombs descended with death.


Sprung upon on a Sunday morn,

Smoke and death Pearl Harbor did adorn,

Cries and bombs shook Oahu’s Pearl,

And death, America, Japan,

Townspeople and soldiers of different lands

Were caught in the deadly turmoil.


Many died that dreadful day,

Many breaths were stilled,

And upon Pearl Harbor there lay

Bloodied bodies, broken quays,

Sunken ships and smoky haze:

Wai Momi’s people were killed.


That dreadful day 72 years hence,

On December the seventh ‘41,

Was a day not soon forgotten,

The beginning of a war not easily won.


Yet remember as the years roll by,

Like the sea upon that fated town,

That those soldiers in Wai Momi

Died for you and me.

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