Bits and pieces of this have been floating around in my head for a while. It’s an opening to one of several stories I wouldn’t mind telling, but I’m not sure what direction to take it in quite yet. At any rate, enjoy it for what it is at the moment and feel free to leave me feedback.


Flashes of light…where am I?

Voices…Elliott? Is that you?

“…they must have hit around 50 miles per hour…going to need to intubate…”

Shapes…moving…so cold…

Am I drowning? Why does it feel so peaceful?

“Get him to theater 5. Orderly! Would you please do something about the smack-head near the nurse’s station?”

Nurses…hospital. D***. Not drowning.

“Anesthesia, go. Move that light over. We’ve got a long night…”


“What’s he holding?”

“It…it’s a ring box, doctor.”

“Oh…oh no…Come on, like we needed another reason to do our jobs! Suction.”

So quiet…shapes… fading…what’s that thumping?

Counting…who’s counting?…Like a kid’s game.

Sleepy. So sleepy.



“Heart rate is spiking! 90 bpm and rising!”

Not me. Not now. Where is she?

Getting so much warmer…can’t…stay…awake…

“He’s out. And he’s stable.”

“Good. Let’s get to work.”

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