I have been writing poems since 2008, and have written about 140 to date.  Over a year ago, I decided to write a poem about birds, and this is the result.

The birds of the dawn
Are the doves and the cocks,
Cooing and crowing
Like large alarm clocks.

The birds of the morning
Are little songbirds,
Entreating the morn
To awake to their words.

The birds of the day,
Are cardinals and crows,
Their beaks they do open
And long time do not close.

The birds of the evening,
Are whip-poor-wills and nightjars,
Trilling sweet lullabies
In the gathering dark.

The birds of the night
Are herons and owls,
Winging swiftly for a short time.
In the night they do prowl.

– Arrietty


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